Friday, December 3, 2010

Hand me Downer

I drew an "Awww..." moment.

Get over it, Cody, then move on. Better yet, look beside you.

This week's comic strip.


tmcelmurry said...

No doubt look beside you. That's typical though, you get fixated on one and don't see the right one until it's too late. Hopefully Cody will open his eyes soon.

The confrontational Cody in Panel 2 came across great, the swoop action as he spins around, the shadowing...very neat panel to me.

Vulpis said... that fox-tail in her hair a clue to what she looks like 'out of costume'?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing it is. I bet she is quite "Foxy" Under that skindex suit.

Jason said...

Thanks, Todd! One of the few times I paid attention to lighting and mood, and I like the results. A step in the right direction. ;)

Hi, Vulpis! Good eye! Shhh... don't tell everyone. :P

Jason said...

Hmmm... "skindex"
I've been going with dermaflage, but I like the sound of that one.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't remember the actual name so I went went with one that sounded right in my head.