Friday, January 14, 2011

I Grock Sock

A sock on the hand is worth two nuts in a bush...

Pickles and Socko seem set on their vendetta against Cody, but Rocko seems to be having warmer thoughts about the girl-who-gives-peanuts.

Here's a rough translation:
"Squeak squeak!"
"Squeak skee-keek!"

(If you still don't understand, run it through Babelfish.)

This week's comic strip.


tmcelmurry said...

Man, I ran that thru Bablefish and you really need to start tagging NSFW on those translations. :)

I fear Cody's going to be interrupted by some small furry fists of fury before too long. :)

Jason said...

Oh man, I forgot to mention the NSFW? Sorry! :P