Friday, February 18, 2011

A Gift... From Me to Ewwww

I wouldn't want to stand near that, let alone pick it up.

Is it weird that while I was drawing this, my cat yakked just like that, next to my desk? Maybe he was trying to model for me...

This week's comic strip.


Parou said...

A very intimidating version of a carrier pigeon!!

(Like the 'puppy' like body language of the snakealope!)

tmcelmurry said...

Your cat wanted to be your muse. :)

This took a very neat and unexpected twist for Cody. I think he's gonna need some pretty heavy duty gloves to pick that up, but you better do it in a nice manner cause you don't want to upset the Uktena.

I'm with Parou, very nice job on the pupply like demeanor of the Uktena in the last panel.

Jason said...

Thanks! ;)