Saturday, May 7, 2011

Full Body Scan

Every now and then, Walker reminds them that he's more than just the town drunk.

Sorry about it being late.

This week's comic strip.


tmcelmurry said...

Wow, full body scan nothin' he went down to the DNA level. There's an ability that could save you a ton of money on deductions, etc. at the Docs Office. :)

tmcelmurry said...

Wow, Walkers demeanor really changed when he started talking about not being a god. I'm suspecting that something is really bothering him or has happened that he can't let go of in the past. His body language really says a lot in today's strip.

Jason said...

When you live as long as he has, you have plenty of time to make mistakes, some of which you may truly regret.

Thanks, I was hoping some of that body language would come through.