Friday, September 2, 2011

Got a Brand New Bag

Looks like Cody's new purse, err... medicine bag, will go nicely with his mostly earth-tones wardrobe.

This week's comic strip.


Catsnightmare said...

Like I tell people who comment at my various shoulder bags.
"It's a satchel you dumbass. Don't you know the difference?"

Tyris said...


Tyris said...

Aaaand a moment's proofreading would have made that make so much more sense.

Curse you, letter B!

Jason said...

I hear ya, CatsNightmare. I like some of the big delivery type satchels myself, but I've seen guys carrying some very suspect foofy handbags too. O_0

Lol Don't worry, Tyris. It happens. ;)